Theater Varia

The Varia Theater, built from 1910 to 1913, is a vast eclectic style building tinged with Art Nouveau.

A rare example of film theater before the First World War, it is a reinforced concrete building adorned with an Art Nouveau facade and designed by Liège architect Émile Claes.

This establishment has lived many lives. It was theater and music hall scene. Jacques Brel and Bourvil were applauded. A cinema and finally a dance hall with the troupe Germinettes created by Germaine Willig May 19, 1947.

In 1992, because of its architectural value, it never stopped deteriorating. The facades and a slope of the roof are classified historical monuments. In 2000, the Walloon Heritage Institute becomes the owner of the theater

The phase in which he found it at the time of my visit is unknown. The projector is out of place. Works are visible but nothing tells me that Varia will see a new day.

Nice morning visit without much stress. Incredible light.




Anno 1920 – source : wikipedia